Web Hosting – The Inside Story and The Precautionary Measures

Web Hosting is the process of buying some space with a domain name on the internet to develop a website of your own. This is the next step after you buy your domain from a domain service provider. Hosting a website and maintaining it calls for a great deal of responsibilities. Hence, many companies prefer web hosting companies to take care of this part. Broadly classified, there are two different types of web hosting services such as web hosting on the dedicated server and web hosting on share server. Dedicated ServerIf you host your website on a dedicated server, you will get a large volume of space to store data, information, files and so forth. Hosting a dedicated server is also secured as you are not sharing it with any one else. However, it is very expensive and not viable if you are hosting a web for the first time.Shared ServerHosting you web on a shared server is very economical as you share a common IP with others. However, there are quite a few problems associated with this. For instance, if you’re any of those who share the IP with you does something illegal or unethical, and then all those who share the server will come under suspicion. Hence, big companies always prefer to host their sites on dedicated servers.Does Your Web Hosting Service Provider Ensure The Following AspectsDo not compromise on your web hosting expense. A bad web hosting service provider might give you a nightmare and it might happen that you will spend much more that you have saved by going for a cheap web hosting service. Take a look at the following factors while choosing your web hosting service provider.ReliabilityThe service provider should be able ensure that you never have had a downtime. Downtime can literally spell doom for your business and your customers will run away as you will become undependable. Hence, make sure your host is reliable.Good customer supportA professional and competent back-end team support is very essential to make sure that whenever you have problems they can resolve it soon enough save you from significant losses.Set up feeLook for a host that doesn’t take any set up charges. Backing up filesYour hosting company should be backing files at regular interval to ensure that if you lose your precious information in the event of complete system failure on your server, then you work is saved and restored.FTP AccessIt is really useful to have FTP access in the control panel. However, if you use a third party program for FTP access, it will run much faster. Go for smartFTP.Email AddressesMake sure that your hosting company offers a specific number of email addresses in your package. There is no point in going for a package that charges you additionally for email address.BandwidthKnow your bandwidth and also amount of downloading from your server. Usually, most packages allow free downloading between 2Gb to 5Gb per month. However, if you go beyond that, you are charged a small fee.Host connection speedMake sure your hosting company has a fast connection. You will lose customers if your pages load slowly. More than 50% of the internet users still use dial-up, and hence, your pages should load fast.
About the Author: Maneet Puri heads the LeXolution IT Services, one of the sought-after web design India and web development India companies. Maneet has over 10 years of industry experience in assisting many international clients for implementing different web based application services. He also offer consultancy to his clients for their website maintenance. Recently, he has added KPO as part of the services expansion plan.

Business Start Up Online

ou know, although it's a modern cyber-world, and marketing an online business successfully is, for many of us, our most treasured goal, in many ways the internet is really just a big family reaching out to cuddle and communicate warmth, love and good feeling to us all. When most people think about an online business, they think they must have their own product or service to sell, when in actuality, there are thousands making a pretty great living online who do not have products at all. However, if you don't want to develop an online business, then you can still advertise your business online.

Starting your own online business can be done by building your own Web site, having one designed for you (more expensive), or getting an affiliate Web site for free and promoting the sale of other people's products to start with. Building an online business is just like building any type of business, it takes dedication, commitment, and the desire to learn.

So now the first thing online business owners do is they buy subscribers - many of whom don't really care about what you have to offer anyway. If you are just starting an online business and you don't think that your sales will generate more than a thousand dollars a month, you will be better of with a third party processor.

From the very first day of an online business, the concentration must be on how to get on the top ten of search results. With this huge and expanding audience coupled with the fact that marketing and advertising can be done on the Internet so easily and at only a fraction of the costs of traditional methods, you would now have a fantastic opportunity to be successful in your online business.

Creating momentum or a "critical mass" in your business can be done in a very cost and time effective way, it takes some work but it is the only true way to creating an ethical online business. These are the fundamental questions you have to answer when you start an online business. If you'd like more information on starting an online business go to business start up it should help you towards choosing a profitable niche for your online business.

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Free Web Hosting

A free web hosting service is offered free of cost to the users. This service is normally supported by advertisements and has limited functions. The free web hosting facility provides either a directory or a subdomain. In contrast to this, the web hosting services that are paid, usually give a second level domain to the users along with the service of hosting.

Some of the services that are offered for free allow the use of domains that are separately purchased. The free web hosting service rarely operates as the domain name register. Amazingly, the registry services of such services are expensive than the other services.

Features and Limitations of the Service:

Some of the free services of web hosting offer free basic packages and the enhanced packages, having more features for a basic cost. This helps the users to take an initial trial of the service for comparing it with the other hosting services and then, elevate the service as and when required.

The limitations of the free hosting services are mentioned below.

• There is a limitation on the size of every file that is hosted here.

• It gives a small bandwidth for a month as compared to the other services.

• It prevents the hotlinking of the files.

• Certain types of files are not allowed on it.

• It requires the mandatory placement of the banner of web host and the pop up ads on all the web pages.

• It does not provide uptime guarantee.

Best Website Hosting Company

In the past I've had my countless websites hosted by such companies as ix webhosting and host gator. These two are among the largest website hosting companies on the planet. They both offer excellent hosting packages and award winning customer support. But sometimes I like to venture away from what I already know and understand, sometimes I like to try a new company out.
I've done such a thing numerous times in the past, generally with free hosting companies. Free hosting companies such as Bravenet and 50webs, and I've had mixed results. For example, I was disgusted with Bravenet placing forced ads on my web pages. However, I was quite pleased with 50webs and their services. I strongly advise you to steer clear of free hosting companies, despite how good they may be, you essentially get what you pay for.
Now returning to the topic of best website hosting company, as I said before; I've investigated several hosting companies. I have experienced the highs and the lows when it comes to website hosting. However, I finally found an affordable hosting service that is worth the money. This company was like a little gem, I feel like an idiot for not knowing of their existence until recent days.
This company being Host Monster, I was simply amazed that such an awesome company remained hidden from me. Their hosting package was simply amazing, they offered so many services at an affordable price. However, there was one issue with their services, that being their customer support. After having a basic problem with my hosting, I contacted Host Monster live chat in order to receive help. I waited for approximately 20 minutes before somebody answer my query. Though, the support staff was able to answer my question within relatively no time it all; the wait was extremely frustrating.
Despite this lack of prompt customer support, Host Monster is still one of the best website hosting companies around. If you are to find a better company, that offers cheap hosting with all the same (or better) features, then please tell me. I would really like to know about it, but until that time I shall continue on my quest to find the best website hosting company. If you require more details visit Host Monster's website

Which Web Hosting Package is for You?

There are many web hosting packages available in the online market today. In order for you to determine which web hosting package is perfect for you, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

FTP Access
Almost every web hosts provides their users with FTP access that will allow them to upload files as well as edit or delete content. This makes maintaining a web site much more convenient compared to web-based interfaces. Even if you are using a Linux system, you will be able to edit the settings of your file permission suing this FTP. Some web host even allows users to create FTP accounts, allowing you to restrict or allow access to the site by any person without giving out the details of your FTP accounts.

Email Accounts
Considered to be a standard feature in web hosting packages, email accounts are very important. Some web hosts give their customers free reign when it comes to mail settings but typically restrict the memory capacity of the mail boxes. There are also web hosts that will offer to set up your email accounts for you. Basically, there are four types of email accounts: forwarding, POP3, auto responders and aliases.

Disk Space
Perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking for a web host is the disk space amount. Depending on your requirements, you will have to determine how much disk space you would need. To determine this, you will have to break down the tasks that will be present in your site such as for emails, log files, web files and databases. Coming up with a rough estimate will help you correctly assess how much disk space you would require.

After determining your exact requirements, all you need to do is to look for a web host. Although there are many web hosting providers in the market today, finding reliable ones will be challenging. In some cases, a web host could charge you high fees only to be disappointed because the quality of the services did not meet your standards. If you want an affordable and reliable web host, you should check out The Magic Host (www.themagichost.com).

As one of the leading providers of web hosting solutions, The Magic Host offers a wide range of packages to choose from including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, with monthly fees ranging from $4.50 to $174. In addition to this, operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, Oracle, Windows and FreeBSD can work and perform optimally.

The Magic Host also provides their users with free domain name and SSL, along with set up. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy backups, even multiple, also for free. You do not even have to worry in cases of technical problems since there are certified engineers, who provide support day and night along with a dedicated Personal Account Manager. All your web hosting solution needs will be met, if you select The Magic Host as your provider.

About the Author: The Magic Host is a total web hosting solutions provider. Visit online resource center now to get free access to information on linux host and virtual host .

WAP web hosting services explained

WAP (wireless application protocol) was developed to deliver information to the users that access Internet from their mobile devices. Therefore it is a communication protocol that interprets web pages in a specific way. Nowadays market sector that uses the highest standards of technology and communication services WAP hosting services have become a must have for any web site.You should give to users an opportunity to visit your web resource not only using personal computer, but also using handsets as well at any time.What are the principles of WAP working?Bluntly speaking, a mobile device sends a certain request via wireless application protocol to a special gateway server. Then the URL (uniform resource locator) is interpreted and content is sent back using the same WAP gateway to the initiator of the request.It should be mentioned that WAP could work using nearly any wireless networks, such as commonly used GSM, CDMA, TDMA, DECT and many others.A reliable web hosting provider must strictly follow the tendencies of the fast growing communication market and should offer its customers to host their WAP web sites as WAP hosting functionality must be included in its range of services.What do you need to get involved?It is obvious that first of all you should create a WAP web site. For this you should use one of the WML tools available. WML is wireless markup language and is quite similar to HTML, being its analogue. It is necessary to register .mobi domain name that is used in WAP market.Markup language is based on XML and is used to indicate how the text should be interpreted, to indicate the hierarchy of screens (known as decks) and hyperlinks between the screens.The distinction between HTML and WML languages only is in the title content-type that is text/html for HTML page and text/vnd.wap.wml for a standard WML document.Use the advantages that WAP hosting can bring to you. WAP hosting service will allow millions of users that use mobile Internet services to access your website and information contained on it from all round the world at any time.
About the Author: Anna Berk, CRM director of Eskhosting.Eskhosting provides reliable Linux web hosting servicesfor small and medium sized web sites. Web hosting services comes with cPanel and Fantastico, PHP 4/5 and MySQL 5 support. There are monthly payments and free domain name registration available, dedicated IP address is provided with each web hosting account. Custom web hosting plans, professional 24/7 technical support via live chat, toll free US number and ticket system.

what is a Blog anyway?

It’s a good question to ask at the beginning of a Blogging for Beginners Series as it is a question I am asked every week.
There are a number of ways I could answer this question ranging from the broad to the highly technical.
Here are a few definitions from other much wiser people on the ‘what is a blog?’ question to get us started

‘A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.’ Source

‘A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.’ Source

‘From “Web log.” A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”‘ Source

‘A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know. There are many guides to choose from, each develops an audience, and there’s also comraderie and politics between the people who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds of structures, graphs, loops, etc.’ Source

‘A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in cronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominantly.’ Source

‘A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts,” “posts” or “entries”. A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”. A blog comprises text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to video, audio and other files). Blogs use a conversational style of documentation. Often blogs focus on a particular “area of interest”, such as Washington, D.C.’s political goings-on. Some blogs discuss personal experiences.’ Source.


Blogging For Freelancer - Tips

One of the best ways to start a Freelancer business is through blogging. It is one of the easiest things to get going, this does not mean that it is the easiest to make money however. When you start a blog, don't expect to see money rolling in immediately. It will take time to build up your blog to a profit level. To let your blogging build to a more profitable level, it is a good thing to start while you are working on other Freelancer opportunities. Your blog (or blogs) will grow into a business with time and attention.
When you are blogging for profit, you'll want to pay close attention to how you present yourself in your blog. There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, and there may be several hundred blogs that are related to your topic. If your readers can't understand your blog and have trouble reading it, they'll just move on to the next one. The following tips can make your blog more user-friendly and help you gain consistent readers.
First, pay close attention to the format of your blog. Readers want to understand how your blog works right from the start. Most blogging platforms have similar formats, with links and tags on the left or right margin, and the most recent post on top. Make sure to use the links wisely. Only put links up for blogs or content that is truly related to your blog's topic. The point is to give your readers added information on your topic. Keep the list short and sweet. There is no reason to overwhelm them with links to other sites.
Background and font color is another thing you must take into careful consideration. Even though there are a lot of color choices that blogging programs offer, your best bet is to stick with dark text and a light background. A black background with white text may look more striking, but readers may not want to stay on your blog for very long. Studies have shown that the human brain processes the light background and dark text format better than with the light text and dark background. One other thing, use a solid background color instead of using a pattern or design.
Proofread your entries before you post them to your blog. There is nothing that decreases your authority in the eyes of your readers' more than bad spelling and grammar. The online world is a world of text, so take some time to learn commonly misspelled words and grammatical errors.
Keep your blog fresh and interesting by posting at least once per day. With so much information available on the Internet, your readers may go elsewhere if you aren't supplying daily content. If you aren't sure what to write about, try posting a poll, a link to another blog, comment on a news story or post of list of helpful tips. Not every post has to be long and complicated, but you do need to post something everyday.
Follow these tips to keep your blog readable to your visitors. Remember, the more visitors you get, the more your blog will grow in importance and profitability and in no time you're blog will profit you and then you can move on to create two or three more.

Is "Green" the Latest Web Hosting Gimmick?

I guess one of the benefits of a little experience is that you begin to be able to spot not only trends, but also cycles in the business (technically, that’s the purpose of this blog).
I don’t imagine, however, that it requires a tremendous amount of experience, or expertise, to notice the frequency with which “green” hosting comes up these days. In terms of press releases and marketing material, I would estimate that just now, I hear more about Web hosts’ “green” attributes than any other.
“Green” hosting, it seems, is well on its way to being the new Web 2.0, or software-as-a-service – the latest gimmick in the Web hosting business.
By that I mean that, like Web 2.0 or SaaS, green endeavors in the hosting business address a pressing need (the fact that data center facilities are consuming energy resources at a tremendous, and growing, rate), and admirably so. But hosts have been swept up in the green notion to the point where just about everybody in the business feels the pressure to present themselves as “green.”
One product of that mentality is that (as happened with Web 2.0 and SaaS), instead of asking “what can we do to provide our services in a more environmentally friendly way?” hosting providers are asking “how can we describe our services in an environmentally friendly light?”
Last week I received a press release from SWsoft, pointing out the energy-saving virtues of virtualization, and including a quote:
"Virtuozzo delivers the highest density available in a virtualization solution, enabling hundreds of virtual environments on a single physical server, and so it offers the greatest potential for energy savings," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of SWsoft. "By using Virtuozzo to achieve their green computing goals, hosting providers can significantly reduce their energy usage while also realizing greater efficiency in their data center."
Just a few days earlier, I received a message from NaviSite, describing the energy efficient properties of outsourcing:
NaviSite has found that an outsourced IT model can be up to 50% more energy efficient than building a data center for many companies. In general, it takes far less electricity to run a large, energy efficient data center than it does to sustain multiple, smaller installations. So, by consolidating resources, NaviSite's customers are conserving the earth's resources in much the same way carpooling does.
Neither of these statements is incorrect, exactly. Nor are the assertions unethical. But they’re pretty concrete evidence that “green” has become the latest Web hosting buzzword.
What’s more, they help to confuse the understanding of what we might mean when we say “green hosting” (a term whose definition was already far too confused). Confusion doesn’t help hosting providers, it doesn’t help consumers and it certainly doesn’t help the environment. It dilutes the value of green hosting in general, and it diminishes the efforts of those hosting providers who have gone to great lengths to make their operations environmentally friendly.
That’s the real problem with buzzwords. Everybody picks up on them. And everybody applies them. And their ubiquity eliminates their ability to identify anything at all. Try to find an application that isn’t described as “Web 2.0.” Or host that doesn’t tout its SaaS credentials. It’s not easy. And in a few months, I’ll bet, it’ll be more than a little difficult to locate a host that isn’t “green.”
Of course, one of the results of this buzz is no doubt an increase in the overall effort to make IT environmentally friendly. That’s a good thing.
And the media in general is starting to cut through some of the green hype. on the growing environmental impact of the data center business, and the many ways (including some that I’ve mentioned here) that IT companies are trying to go green, puts it pretty succinctly:
“It's a lot easier to put out a news release than to build a data center with a significantly smaller environmental footprint.”

Blogging effective marketing tool for Wabash College

With innovations in technology, you can do almost anything online, including reach potential college recruits.

Online blogs have become a major tool for recruiting students at Wabash College. Last year, the college tinkered with the idea of blogs written by three freshmen. The blogs would be unedited — posted just as they were written. Wabash employees could have cleaned up some of the work, but opted against it.

The idea worked better than expected. So much so that Wabash has again picked three incoming freshmen to blog about their first year of college. Daniel King, one of last year’s student bloggers, will continue blogging on his entire four-year college experience.
Associate Director of Admissions Chip Timmons said the blogging has been beneficial for incoming students.

“For a lot of students looking here, they want to hear from students,” Timmons said. “They want to know what the food tastes like, how hard the classes are. It’s honest, it’s genuine and it’s what students want to know.”

The student blogs have become so popular, the three incoming freshmen writing this year — Jake Ezell, Indianapolis; Michael Richmond, Franklin; and Adrian Perez, south Texas — has already received more hits on the homepage than anything on the Wabash site, aside from football.
Wabash Web Editor Howard Hewitt heard at a Chicago seminar that 80 percent of students have their first contact with the college they attend by Internet. While Wabash has blogs on a plethora of topics, the student-written blogs remain the most popular.

Wabash’s decision to have blogs online again this year drew 50 interested students wishing to keep a running tally of their first year at the college. From there, Wabash employees had to whittle it down to three students, looking for enough variety to cover a wide range of students. Though two of this year’s bloggers are from central Indiana, one is from a private high school and the other went to public school.

“We want different interest and different backgrounds,” said Timmons. “We wanted to make sure there was a little bit of everything from everybody.”
During the narrowing process, the college’s staff looks at who makes the best case for why they want to blog, who can write well and how eager they are to share their stories, Timmons said. And of course the question is asked to each about whether they’d want their mother to read it.

The first blogs of Perez, Richmond and Ezell can be read at on Wabash’s homepage wabash.edu.

SOURCE : www.journalreview.com

Search Engine Marketing Technology Future, Detailed by Research and Markets

According to a new report issued by Research and Markets, Internet searching, advertising, and purchasing are all surging. In February 2007 alone, 6.9 billion Internet searches were conducted worldwide, a 19% increase over the same period in 2006.

In addition, online consumer, non-travel spending at U.S. sites reached $102 billion in 2006, a 24% jump from $82.3 billion in 2005. Companies are looking to get a piece of the expanding E-commerce pie, and to build brand awareness among the ever-growing Internet audience.

'The Future of Search Engine Marketing and Technology' report details discuss how companies seek to draw many Internet surfers to their websites from search engines. In order to do so, however, businesses must ensure that their websites come up first, or at least on the first page, when consumers type words related to their industry into the two biggest search engines, Google and Yahoo!. Search Engine Optimization -- the process of making a site ''search engine-friendly'' - is probably the most important aspect of Internet marketing.

At the end of the day, company web sites, and the Internet overall, have become an integral part of any solid business plan. It may be the first view visitors have of a business. Businesses, large and small, therefore should update and maintain their websites regularly so visitors will want to revisit and be a steady supply of repeat, and new business.

The author has spoken with some of the most revered experts in the field of Search Engine Technology and Marketing to bring you the most important information that website developers, publishers, and search engine technology companies alike will find informative as well as applicable.

Research and Markets is an international market research and market data resource, with major research publications from most of the leading publishers, consultants and analysts, concerning key industries, top companies, new products and the latest trends. The market research reports and industry newsletters from specialist research firms and niche market analysts, are listed at the same price as the specialist research firms.

To learn more about the report, please visit: www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c62492 .

Powerful Search Engine Marketing Tactic Revealed, Cheap-Online-Advertising.com

Error marketing is evolving search engine marketing into a more intuitive means of interacting with potential customers by making websites stickier and allowing advertisers more time to make the sell.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) July 26, 2007 -- A new more powerful advertising and search engine marketing method called "error marketing" has passed online testing. With a focus on delivering website visitors that are willing to stay longer, read more of the website's content and catch the full impact of company sells pitches, Cheap-Online-Advertising.com is helping to bring the power of search engine marketing to small and large businesses alike.

Regular search engine marketing does not engage the visitor on a very deep level, this results in short time visits from potential customers. Click-thoughs that result in visitors only staying 2 to 5 seconds doesn't provide legitimate opportunities for the advertisers to sell their products and services. That isn't enough time to for many advertisers to grab the visitor's attention.

At the core of error marketing is the desire to enhance search engine marketing's effectiveness. By heavily engaging web surfers before they arrive on the target web property, an advertiser gains a significant advantage in the battle to slow the web surfer down long enough for them to read and comprehend the details of the advertiser's sells pitch. Consumers learn more about the advertiser's products.

Low priced, high performance advertising campaigns are no longer elusive to marketers.

"Error Marketing" trumps regular search engine marketing. By fueling the desire of the web surfer to slow down, stay longer, read more and comprehend more of the sells pitch, this technique provides a much better environment for making a sell.

Whereas regular search engine marketing can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, interrupts web surfers, delivers non-committed visitors that don't stay very long and is often susceptible to click fraud, it is an inefficient means of getting noticed for many companies.

Through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com, marketing can be done for twenty dollars per month. Visitors actually come looking for ads to tell them where they should go. Advertisers receive committed web visitors that stay longer, read more of the website's content and catch the full impact of the advertiser's sells pitch.

"Error Marketing" through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com via TypoBounty.com allows marketers to draw traffic to their web properties by offering small bounties/cash rewards for errors that could potentially exist on their web properties.

"Through this marketing method, advertisers gain attentive visitors", says Michael Pass. "Not having to jump through mental hoops to convince potential customers to slow down and read about my products is great. Throw in the other numerous benefits that one gains and this becomes invaluable."

The desire to earn for identifying and reporting errors such as misspelled words, poor punctuation, poor grammar, broken links, missing graphics and the like, attracts visitors that have money in online accounts that they are ready to spend.

The Error Marketing hub TypoBounty.com provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the bounty offers, and necessary correspondence between advertisers and potential customers. Unique visitors totals grow daily as more and more consumers sign up for Free "Hunter Accounts." The news about advertiser's desire to be error free and the willingness to pay for it is spreading quickly and new members sign up every day.

Test results showed that the effectiveness of the error marketing through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com is conclusive. Visitors tended to stay a minimum of up to 50% longer when referred from TypoBounty.

sourc : www.prweb.com

5 top tips to get started on blogging for business

1. Identify your audience, and, in the process, decide what you're going to say that will make them read what you write. If you don’t have an original voice, why is anybody going to read it?

2. Where will your blog live. As a section of an existing website, or a blog hosting site (with a link from your website bringing visitors over)? If you are stuck, check out businessblogconsulting.com.

3. Start talking. Instead of marketing-speak, begin with a fresh take. Provide compelling perspective, that will market yourself and your business.

4. Make blogrolling a habit. Blogrolling is a set of links on your blog site that identifies other sites on the Internet — related to your business, industry or expertise. This is a great way to get you into the bloggers’ pool.

5. Emphasize keywords. If your topic focuses on marketing a product abroad, using the words “marketing” and “overseas” as often as possible and in different permutations will help push your blog site toward the head of the search engine line.

Article from : news@worf

Blogging helped promote my film

ways blogging can help you

1. Find the right customer. Rather than wasting time pitching your product or service to a client who may not need it, a blog makes you the information source. So, customers who contact you through it, mean serious business.

2. Position yourself as an industry expert. Not only can a blog generate leads, it also sends a positive buzz about your credentials in the marketplace.

3. Improve your search engine rankings. Blogs can add further leverage to the frequency with which search engines
identify you and your company, especially if your blog allows readers to post a response.

4. Get instant customer feedback. Forget surveys. Blogs that ask for reader comments are a ready source of feedback, and get ample marketing muscle.

How to blog about your office, without getting fired

1. Use a pseudonym and don’t give away any identifying details. This includes your location, number of employees and business specifics.

2. Use anonymising technologies. Invisiblog.com offers anonymous blog hosting for free. To avoid getting tracked by anybody, use anonymous network Tor (tor.eff.org) to edit your blog. Anonymizer.com offers “anonymous surfing,” which can hide your IP address from the services hosting your blog.

3. Use Ping servers. If you want to protect your privacy while getting news out quickly, try using ping servers to broadcast your blog entry for you. Pingomatic (
www.pingomatic.com) broadcasts to a lot of news venues at once, while making you untraceable.

4. Limit Your Audience. Many blogging services, including LiveJournal, allow you to designate individual posts or your entire blog as available only to those who have the password, or to people whom you’ve designated as friends.

5. Don’t Be Googleable. Create a special file that tells these search services to ignore your domain. The file is called robots.txt, or a Robots Text File, available at Web Tool Central.

Biggest biz blogging mistakes

1. Not linking to other blogs.

2. Not having an email link or contact page. Sometimes, readers might want to contact you, but not leave a comment on your blog.

3. Not allowing readers to leave comments. This sends a bad message out to customers.

4. Not updating regularly. The more often you update, the more popular your blog will be.

5। Not having an RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a way for people to read a blog without always actually visiting it.

Source: news@work