Basics of Web Designing

In this current cut throat competition in the market it becomes very essential for the business houses to expand their way to market the products or services to maximize the profit. Business is now flourishing even over the web. All the businesses are now realizing that they should have an online presence besides their physical existence. And thus the importance & needs for the efficient and professional web designers are increasing day by day.

To start the design for the websites you must keep some important things. The first thing that you should always keep in mind that web design differs from print design. So, you must plan on "WHAT TO INCLUDE" and "WHAT NOT TO INCLUDE" on your website.

So how do you build up a great website that sells? Let's find it out.

The Foundation

Before building a house, it is necessary to build a proper foundation. Likewise, before designing a website you should keep in mind these basic things.

a) Remember that you are designing your site for the impatient online reader. They do not have the patience to read the whole contents. Instead they scan through .So you should learn to apply features and techniques that catch the attention of the viewers.
b) Uniformity is also important, while designing a web site. You should use features to which people are accustomed.
c) The web site should be user friendly. It should use web-optimized graphics.

The Superstructure

Now we move on to the super structure that is the house itself or the website concerned. Just remember these tips and go on to create a great website.

a) The web site should load quickly and be easy to scan. These are the essential prerequisites of web designing.

b) While designing a web site, you should keep in mind the needs of the potential customers. People visit the web site with a specific purpose, to get a solution to their problems. So you should focus on providing people with the specific information. You should also ensure that no information is more than a few click away.

c) The graphics should be so styled as to fit the content and not vice-versa. Often web designers complain that the content is not suitable to the web design. But you should remember that it is also important for people to read the content. The content provides information about the services and products. So attention must not be diverted from the content at any cost.

d) You should choose a font style and color that can be easily read. Frequent use of bold fonts makes the page difficult to read. The background color should also be kept light. Otherwise the viewers will have difficulty in viewing the pages.

e) You should use customized graphics to make your website attractive. But the graphics should not divert the attention of the readers from the content. The graphics should serve as an appendage to the content, which should be the primary focus.

f) Blinking images are to be avoided. They distract the attention of the readers from the content. Some viewers also consider them to be a nuisance and cover up these flashing images in order to concentrate on the content.

g) Avoid broken links. Make sure that they do not occur on your website. Concentrate on the link architecture.

h) Use contrasting elements on your web site. Placing contrasting elements side by side will easily attract the attention of the visitors. It is in fact one of the basic elements of web designing.

i) You should remember that the content should be aesthetically pleasing. Yet it should have powerful functionality at the same time. The website should be capable of giving out the relevant information in the least possible time. That is what readers are most interested in.

j) Don't concentrate all your attention on attractive graphics. Give an equal focus on page layout, error handling and structure.

k) Don't repeat your titles and page headings. Page headings are instrumental in focusing viewer's attention. Using the same headings will make them think that the information being provided is the same. This will decrease viewer retention.

l) You should make sure that the content and the page headings are grammatically correct. Incorrect grammar and syntax will reflect badly on the web site.

m) Lay stress on the keywords. Use of keywords help viewer's to ascertain whether the site is important to them or not. Most visitors flick through a website. So infrequent use of keywords will make visitors skip over a web site, even though it might contain relevant information. Here the needs of Web design with proper search engine optimization (SEO) grows up and up.

n) Pay attention to your homepage. That is what the viewers will first see. The home page should be attractive and provide useful information. If it doesn't satisfy the mentioned criteria then the readers will move on.

You must remember that the primary aim of web designing services is to focus on visitor's needs. Design your web site in such a way as to direct the eye towards the important features. The less important ones should recede into the background. Web page designing is extremely challenging. Viewers take only a fraction of a second to decide whether a particular site will be useful to them or not. So you should hit the nail on the head immediately. The web site should be attractive, easy to read and easy to navigate. Adhering to the above guidelines will help you to build up a website that sells.

Design a web site means you must make a convincing presentation. You should not include too many graphics, pop-ups, and flashing gifs in your web design. These take a lot of time to load. Your website should be easy to navigate. You must remember that the attention span of the average viewer is very low. You have to grab the attention of the viewer immediately otherwise they will wander to other sites.

Can You Trust "Unlimited" Features In A Web Hosting Package?

"Unlimited" can be a key word for the web hosting industry in 2008. Starting from this year, there are many web hosting service providers that will give you an "Unlimited" feature such as Unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth, or hosting unlimited web hosting. These features are included even from some very well respected web hosting service providers such as: lunarpages, hostmonster, or ixwebhosting.

But, there are many articles telling you don't work with the web hosting companies who provide "Unlimited" features. So, what can you do now? Below are my suggestions.

Enjoy it

Getting a unlimited feature from web hosting service providers is not a bad thing. A feature of "Unlimited web site" will save you a lot when you have more than one web site. And IXWebhosting will give you "Unlimited disk space" so that you have no need to be too worried about the space you might use.

Don't Abuse it

Every company need to make profit from their customers so that they potential have the capability to provide a good service for you. Now, even the very reputed web hosting service providers start giving you a unlimited feature, what the thought behind it? Let's analyze one by one.

Can you really create unlimited web site? The answer is no, the hardest part of creating a successful web site is how to promote it, the value of unlimited web site is no more than a successful web site. A lot of people will only create 2-5 web sites so that they have time or budget to promote them.

For unlimited disk space, I host a web site in iPower and the connection speed to upload files at home is around 8kb/second, that means you have to spend one day to upload only 13M data. Let's assume you don't stop uploading file to the server, and in one year, you will only can assume 25G disk space.

What's behind unlimited bandwidth? The same as unlimited disk space, a secret here is that web hosting vendor hasn't tell you the connection speed. If you consume too much bandwidth, they can slow down your connection speed, and make your web site unavailable. They do not have any restrict the bandwidth, but the fact is that you just cannot consume too much because of the connection speed.

So, keep one word in your mind that "you pay for what you get", when choosing a web hosting package for your web site, you need to pay more attention to the reliability, connection speed, and customer service from them.

Check Out Web Hosting Reviews Before Selecting a Web Host

Anyone who runs a business knows the importance of having a good website. A website is important for promoting one's wares. It also serves to reach out to customers and investors. A small business doesn't need to invest heavily in servers, hardware, and other equipment. Instead, one can choose a successful web hosting service. But how does one choose from all of the specialized vendors? An easy way to gather information is to read through web hosting reviews.

It is easy to find reviews of web hosting companies on the internet. There are literally thousands of companies competing for your business and they will do whatever they can to attract you. You should still be very thorough in comparing and evaluating their service offerings and their prices to be sure you get what you truly need at a price that works for your business.

Above all, you must determine your precise requirements. Wading in a sea of web hosting reviews isn't much help if you don't know precisely what you are looking for from a web hosting service. This usually refers to your space needs and the nature of the information you want to post on your site.

Most web hosting services also sell domain names. Make sure you know what kinds of domain names they have available, because you definitely need a name that is has something to do with your type of business. You may also need to check out a number of web hosting reviews in order to find one that will provide you with mailboxes if you want them. A lot of providers do not offer this service.

Once you have ascertained your need, make a list of service providers. This is necessary for evaluating web hosting services against the benchmark you have decided upon. Don't be misled by cheap rates as many web hosting services quote cheap rates for the first year only. The charges for second year become exponentially higher and you end up paying a huge sum because the trouble of migrating from one web hosting service to another acts as a deterrent.

It may not be easy to choose a web host, but don't give up. Consult with friends and colleagues who have websites to see who they recommend. One thing to check for is the amount of time it takes to load a page with each of the service providers. You're not going to be happy paying big bucks for a super slow service that deters customer accessibility. You can use web hosting reviews as guidelines as long as you remember they aren't guaranteeing you anything.

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