Free Web Hosting

A free web hosting service is offered free of cost to the users. This service is normally supported by advertisements and has limited functions. The free web hosting facility provides either a directory or a subdomain. In contrast to this, the web hosting services that are paid, usually give a second level domain to the users along with the service of hosting.

Some of the services that are offered for free allow the use of domains that are separately purchased. The free web hosting service rarely operates as the domain name register. Amazingly, the registry services of such services are expensive than the other services.

Features and Limitations of the Service:

Some of the free services of web hosting offer free basic packages and the enhanced packages, having more features for a basic cost. This helps the users to take an initial trial of the service for comparing it with the other hosting services and then, elevate the service as and when required.

The limitations of the free hosting services are mentioned below.

• There is a limitation on the size of every file that is hosted here.

• It gives a small bandwidth for a month as compared to the other services.

• It prevents the hotlinking of the files.

• Certain types of files are not allowed on it.

• It requires the mandatory placement of the banner of web host and the pop up ads on all the web pages.

• It does not provide uptime guarantee.

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