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Error marketing is evolving search engine marketing into a more intuitive means of interacting with potential customers by making websites stickier and allowing advertisers more time to make the sell.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) July 26, 2007 -- A new more powerful advertising and search engine marketing method called "error marketing" has passed online testing. With a focus on delivering website visitors that are willing to stay longer, read more of the website's content and catch the full impact of company sells pitches, Cheap-Online-Advertising.com is helping to bring the power of search engine marketing to small and large businesses alike.

Regular search engine marketing does not engage the visitor on a very deep level, this results in short time visits from potential customers. Click-thoughs that result in visitors only staying 2 to 5 seconds doesn't provide legitimate opportunities for the advertisers to sell their products and services. That isn't enough time to for many advertisers to grab the visitor's attention.

At the core of error marketing is the desire to enhance search engine marketing's effectiveness. By heavily engaging web surfers before they arrive on the target web property, an advertiser gains a significant advantage in the battle to slow the web surfer down long enough for them to read and comprehend the details of the advertiser's sells pitch. Consumers learn more about the advertiser's products.

Low priced, high performance advertising campaigns are no longer elusive to marketers.

"Error Marketing" trumps regular search engine marketing. By fueling the desire of the web surfer to slow down, stay longer, read more and comprehend more of the sells pitch, this technique provides a much better environment for making a sell.

Whereas regular search engine marketing can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, interrupts web surfers, delivers non-committed visitors that don't stay very long and is often susceptible to click fraud, it is an inefficient means of getting noticed for many companies.

Through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com, marketing can be done for twenty dollars per month. Visitors actually come looking for ads to tell them where they should go. Advertisers receive committed web visitors that stay longer, read more of the website's content and catch the full impact of the advertiser's sells pitch.

"Error Marketing" through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com via TypoBounty.com allows marketers to draw traffic to their web properties by offering small bounties/cash rewards for errors that could potentially exist on their web properties.

"Through this marketing method, advertisers gain attentive visitors", says Michael Pass. "Not having to jump through mental hoops to convince potential customers to slow down and read about my products is great. Throw in the other numerous benefits that one gains and this becomes invaluable."

The desire to earn for identifying and reporting errors such as misspelled words, poor punctuation, poor grammar, broken links, missing graphics and the like, attracts visitors that have money in online accounts that they are ready to spend.

The Error Marketing hub TypoBounty.com provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the bounty offers, and necessary correspondence between advertisers and potential customers. Unique visitors totals grow daily as more and more consumers sign up for Free "Hunter Accounts." The news about advertiser's desire to be error free and the willingness to pay for it is spreading quickly and new members sign up every day.

Test results showed that the effectiveness of the error marketing through Cheap-Online-Advertising.com is conclusive. Visitors tended to stay a minimum of up to 50% longer when referred from TypoBounty.

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