Best Website Hosting Company

In the past I've had my countless websites hosted by such companies as ix webhosting and host gator. These two are among the largest website hosting companies on the planet. They both offer excellent hosting packages and award winning customer support. But sometimes I like to venture away from what I already know and understand, sometimes I like to try a new company out.
I've done such a thing numerous times in the past, generally with free hosting companies. Free hosting companies such as Bravenet and 50webs, and I've had mixed results. For example, I was disgusted with Bravenet placing forced ads on my web pages. However, I was quite pleased with 50webs and their services. I strongly advise you to steer clear of free hosting companies, despite how good they may be, you essentially get what you pay for.
Now returning to the topic of best website hosting company, as I said before; I've investigated several hosting companies. I have experienced the highs and the lows when it comes to website hosting. However, I finally found an affordable hosting service that is worth the money. This company was like a little gem, I feel like an idiot for not knowing of their existence until recent days.
This company being Host Monster, I was simply amazed that such an awesome company remained hidden from me. Their hosting package was simply amazing, they offered so many services at an affordable price. However, there was one issue with their services, that being their customer support. After having a basic problem with my hosting, I contacted Host Monster live chat in order to receive help. I waited for approximately 20 minutes before somebody answer my query. Though, the support staff was able to answer my question within relatively no time it all; the wait was extremely frustrating.
Despite this lack of prompt customer support, Host Monster is still one of the best website hosting companies around. If you are to find a better company, that offers cheap hosting with all the same (or better) features, then please tell me. I would really like to know about it, but until that time I shall continue on my quest to find the best website hosting company. If you require more details visit Host Monster's website