5 top tips to get started on blogging for business

1. Identify your audience, and, in the process, decide what you're going to say that will make them read what you write. If you don’t have an original voice, why is anybody going to read it?

2. Where will your blog live. As a section of an existing website, or a blog hosting site (with a link from your website bringing visitors over)? If you are stuck, check out businessblogconsulting.com.

3. Start talking. Instead of marketing-speak, begin with a fresh take. Provide compelling perspective, that will market yourself and your business.

4. Make blogrolling a habit. Blogrolling is a set of links on your blog site that identifies other sites on the Internet — related to your business, industry or expertise. This is a great way to get you into the bloggers’ pool.

5. Emphasize keywords. If your topic focuses on marketing a product abroad, using the words “marketing” and “overseas” as often as possible and in different permutations will help push your blog site toward the head of the search engine line.

Article from : news@worf

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