Can You Trust "Unlimited" Features In A Web Hosting Package?

"Unlimited" can be a key word for the web hosting industry in 2008. Starting from this year, there are many web hosting service providers that will give you an "Unlimited" feature such as Unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth, or hosting unlimited web hosting. These features are included even from some very well respected web hosting service providers such as: lunarpages, hostmonster, or ixwebhosting.

But, there are many articles telling you don't work with the web hosting companies who provide "Unlimited" features. So, what can you do now? Below are my suggestions.

Enjoy it

Getting a unlimited feature from web hosting service providers is not a bad thing. A feature of "Unlimited web site" will save you a lot when you have more than one web site. And IXWebhosting will give you "Unlimited disk space" so that you have no need to be too worried about the space you might use.

Don't Abuse it

Every company need to make profit from their customers so that they potential have the capability to provide a good service for you. Now, even the very reputed web hosting service providers start giving you a unlimited feature, what the thought behind it? Let's analyze one by one.

Can you really create unlimited web site? The answer is no, the hardest part of creating a successful web site is how to promote it, the value of unlimited web site is no more than a successful web site. A lot of people will only create 2-5 web sites so that they have time or budget to promote them.

For unlimited disk space, I host a web site in iPower and the connection speed to upload files at home is around 8kb/second, that means you have to spend one day to upload only 13M data. Let's assume you don't stop uploading file to the server, and in one year, you will only can assume 25G disk space.

What's behind unlimited bandwidth? The same as unlimited disk space, a secret here is that web hosting vendor hasn't tell you the connection speed. If you consume too much bandwidth, they can slow down your connection speed, and make your web site unavailable. They do not have any restrict the bandwidth, but the fact is that you just cannot consume too much because of the connection speed.

So, keep one word in your mind that "you pay for what you get", when choosing a web hosting package for your web site, you need to pay more attention to the reliability, connection speed, and customer service from them.

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